Wednesday, 1 June 2011

An indoor opening at the 300th attempt!

Well here's another esoteric opening for all you DIY radio enthusiasts out there, this time occurring in my own flat!

Punky! Radio is a weekly podcast that I make with my mate Tony and to celebrate its 300th show we got some mates round to act as a "Live" studio audience and all had a drink or two. What better atmosphere for a lovely convivial opening! over the years we have played music by bands as diverse as Alien Sex Fiend, Guana Batz, Duran Duran and The Gossip. Sadly none of them could be there on the night but I know that if they could they'd have loved to have watched us cutting the ribbon on another (quality) podcast.

Sulu and Amberance holding the ribbon, Felix holding Sulu, Tony holding his own Phil barely holding it together and yours truly gripping the scissors... But would G get his moment (finally) to catch me cutting the ribbon? (He missed the first opening by seconds)

This show had everything: Recorder/Bazouki mash-ups, songs, stories, listener involvement and plenty of cider! I really do hope we're not around for the 600th but trust me, if we are, I'll unofficially open that too (As long as my scissors aren't blunt by then). Please spread the word about Unofficial Openings and there'll be more of them along soon! Cheers!

Yes he would! Well done G! Quality opening! (Shame about the blurry photo but the cider was already flowing!)

Hey - here's a great idea - why not listen to the 300th show to celebrate! Woohoo! I love unofficial openings!

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